Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction- Trainings for Professional and Personal Development


Trainings are held throughout the year. The current trainings are the traditional  group eight week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Training and a Four Week Mindfulness Meditation Training.

Sessions are offered to individuals and couples to enhance group trainings or to cover areas in more depth privately.

Group retreats are offered to create a time and space to engage more deeply for a half or full day, or longer, in the practices without the usual interruptions of life.

Trainings are offered to help enhance the workplace environment, relations, effectiveness and efficiency and satisfaction for everyone. Trainings can be tailored to meet your workplace needs.

This MBSR program has been very empowering. The thought that I am able to choose a different reaction to my destructive thoughts, feelings and behaviors is absolutely refreshing. I am now able to not dwell on negative emotions and to face any challenges of life in a thoughtful, logical  manner instead of being addicted to my negativity, as I did in the past." –name withheld, 2012

Thank you again for the class.  It was a profound experience of growth for me, and your teaching and writing style really helped to make things clear and relatable. Thanks also for your supportive words. I have felt much calmer and less swept-away by stressors since the last class, which I know I need to keep working on (wouldn't it be great if we had just one massive insight and we just stayed calm for the rest of our lives? " –Michelle, mother of 8 month old triplets, 2012

This course has helped me calm the chatter, put down the stick and face up to my own responsibilities for my feelings, thoughts and my interactions with life. I never would have thought that a simple practice could both shine the light on the complications and help un-complicate them all at the same time. Thank you!"–Allison Warren, Engineer, or Goddess in Training