One On One for Individuals

One on one time can give you the opportunity to receive more specific training and support for yourself. If you feel you need additional support for yourself during one of the mindfulness trainings or would like to learn mindfulness and meditation, or others processes I offer, as an individual or a couple, we can arrange a time to look into how these can be useful for you.

My processes are short term and can be effective in any amount of time you care to invest. My intention is to show you how you can help yourself, not rely on me. It is process of self-education and unfolding our complexities in a trusted and safe manner. My intention is to show you how you can serve your own core integrity which brings about greater ease and peace of mind and heart.

My experience with assisting others one on one began in 1996 when I became a licensed hypnotherapist. Since then I have had wonderful opportunities to be a part of several long term groups with other therapists, to process for ourselves, which in turn is of use for clients. I have consistently continued to seek ways to educate myself and share these processes with clients today. I have also had a decade of professional experience as a psychiatric nurse in a variety of settings, as well throughout my professional nursing career.

grow-aware-meditation-training3The processes I have had training in are unique yet grounded, and they are effective. I do not rely solely on talk therapy or hypnotherapy, yet offer a variety of processes to assist in opening and addressing belief patterns woven within our emotional matrix.  It is a sign of self-respect and dignity to look at ourselves to reduce our suffering and stress. Mindfulness and meditation is one process which eases this process of self-discovery and self-education toward greater emotional intelligence and balance.

Our stories are unique and worthy of being told and being heard. And, they are worthy of respect in how we work with them. The content of our stories are important, and how we work them, or with them, even more so. Meditation can free us up from the entanglement we have with our stories towards feeling relief.

The processes I share helps, in a non-threatening and safe way, bring about an experience of our core integrity that we have lost sight of and connection with.  Our past is worthy of respect in that it can help us evolve if we are willing to assist ourselves in this process. Self –determination can be a scary adventure, yet empowering at the same time.