Meditation retreats are an opportunity to immerse ourselves in rest, learning and insight.

There are no public retreats scheduled at this time for 2016. Please see the eight week training under schedule for the next sessions.

Our Breath in This Moment Retreats

What the retreat is about:

2014 marked my 10th year of teaching in the greater Seattle area. I feel this has truly been a transformative experience for me and an honor  to be able to share these practices and experiences with you. So, for this reason, I am offering these retreats as a way to say “Thank you” to all of you in Seattle, Everett, Wenatchee, the east side, Issaquah, Kirkland  and Des Moines for being so willing, honest and accepting to try something new for yourself  in your discovery of greater  harmony and meaning, and for contributing towards my ability to offer Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction to each of you. I have thoroughly enjoyed offering these practices.  I look forward to meeting you for the first time or seeing you again as we practice together in appreciating clarity, equanimity and spacious awareness.  I hope you will join me and enjoy these retreats and practices for yourself.

Why participate in a retreat?

When we are on retreat, whether it is a few hours or longer, we can experience time free of daily stressors and distractions, and can begin to fully appreciate the quietude and rest most of us do not have the opportunity to experience due to the complexity of our routine lives.

When we allow ourselves  time to simply  settle into slowing down, pausing, allowing, breathing, feeling and flowing, this changes our nervous system in a positive way.  This paves the way to experience a taste of harmony, rather  than stress and reactivity. We are showing and teaching our nervous system we can learn and adapt to new ways of processing, thinking, experiencing and being.

The retreats are held honoring as much quiet and noble silence as possible, some retreats more than others. This gives us a fuller opportunity to give our mind, body and speech a break from so much noisy activity and to begin to notice more about ourselves, our habits and our surroundings. What have we missed being so busy with collecting and processing mental and emotional information? What can we notice and experience if we give ourselves a little space to regroup or just relax chronic struggle and striving?  It is also an opportunity to appreciate what freedoms we do have and how we can exercise them with greater wisdom.

In retreat, we will have the chance to engage in a variety of practices so we are not sitting down the whole time. Mindful meditation and  movement, mindful eating, mindful breaks and other mindfulness practices are offered as a view into our usual habits,  show us  alternatives to lessen unhealthy habits and turn towards healthier ones. The practices alone can bring about great change. Change can come easily with at least some effort. I always suggest, as you learn to pay attention differently, to allow the process to work on you, rather than you work the process.  Like salt, just the right amount can make a distinctive difference.

Retreat time, support and guidance in the right environment allows this inner clarity and wisdom to be understood and experienced. When we experience feeling more hopeful we can influence ourselves in a profound way. We can relinquish restricting ideas or concepts, feeling reassured our foundational goodness is always available to us, once we allow all the other misconceptions to fall away.